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I DID THE DOUBLE March 1, 2014

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Wow its been awhile since I have done anything here. Im sorry for being so lazy with my updates. In all honesty I haven’t done any races since the WIPRO SF MARATHON last summer. I needed to take a break from racing for a bit, so there has been nothing to update. I have also been busy traveling, working and doing all those other things that come with being a grown up.

I didn’t stop running however, I still run around my neighborhood but had not signed up for a race until this month.

It was a spur of the moment ( possibly sleep deprived) decision to sign up for the Double Run on Feb 22. I had never heard of the double run before but someone in the SFM ambassador group sent a link out about it ( did i mention I was chosen to be an ambassador for the SF marathon? more on that at the end). The double run entails running two races back to back, a 10k and a 5k, with a rest period of about an hour in between. Yes, it was likely sleep deprivation that made me sign up.


“A 10k and a 5k thats a 15k. I can do that. Ive run marathons before and a 15k is only a little over 9 miles.” That was my response to my coworkers and friends who thought i was crazy for doing this, but i can guarantee they weren’t surprised at all.

I woke up before the sun was up and was on my way to the race. Now keep in mind that the day before i took a nasty spill on the pavement when I was running. This fact will have more significance a bit later in this story. I got to the race with about 10 mins to spare, i set up my running app and started my music and of course, as i do in every race, asked someone to take my picture. At 7:30 am the gun went off and the race started. I usually run slower than normal when its super early and Im out for my neighborhood run but for some reason in races i always tend to run faster, I think its the excitement and the competition.


I set out at a steady pace of a little over 8:10/ mile. I usually average about 8:30-8:45 mins/mile. I was worried that i was going to get tired but by mile three i was averaging 7:56 mins/ mile which was surprising because we just ran up a hill between mile 1 and 2. Mile 5 was the HILL AGAIN ( yep we had to run it twice!). It wasn’t a big hill as there aren’t any really big hills in san jose but this hill slowed me down a bit and i finished the 10k with an average of 8:03 mins/mile. I was sweaty and tired and thirsty and had an hour til the 5k.

At the rest stop they had yoga mats with some instructors for yoga, they had sports medicine docs there giving massages to sore tired legs. THere was food and even a band there to keep everyone entertained. Did i partake in any of this….? NO which was a bad idea. Instead of staying active and keeping my muscles warm i sat down. I sat down and drank my water and listened to my music. No big deal for only an hour right? WRONG! remember earlier i said i took a spill the day before? Well i had huge bruises on both of my knees and my left knee now had a bump the size of a golf ball and was a nice shade of reddish/purple. When it was time for the 5k and i stood up my knee was so stiff. It took me half of the 5k to loosen it up… i should also mention we had to tackle the mile 5 hill again. I was so glad to see the finish line and get my double medal. Of all the races to choose for the first one of the year I chose a rather challenging one.


All in all it took me 1hr and 15 mins to run the 9.5 miles. This is just running time, it doesn’t count the rest period between the two. I had fun. they allow to run just the 10k or just the 5k so those people who aren’t as crazy don’t have to run both of the legs. I would do this race again. They are doing it in pleasanton in Aug if anyone is interested.

Ok now is where i try to talk some of you into running in the sf marathon on july 27, 2014. You don’t have to run the whole marathon there are two half miles options and they have a 5k option. I am starting my serious training at the end of march. I will try to blog my progress weekly for those interested. FOr anyone interested in registering for any of the legs of the SF Marathon here is the discount code. Ill be there!!!


its good for $10 off registration for any part of the race.

If anyone wants help training I’m not an expert but id be happy to share my training schedule with anyone.


SFM Ambassador November 8, 2013

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I found out on friday that I was accepted to be an ambassador for the 2014 SF Marathon. I applied back in September and actually forgot that I had appled until I got the acceptance email. I was actually debating whether I wanted to run the marathon again but since I got the email congratulating me on being accepted as an ambassador I am excited about it.

I am not exactly sure what it entirely means to be an ambassador. I know I will be helping to promote the Marathon and encourage friends and strangers to sign up to run either the whole marathon or either of the 1/2 marathons. I also know that just by our online conversations that I will be meeting a bunch of fun, awesome people from all over the world who are also excited to be on the ambassador team. This is the first of many blogs to come as an ambassador. I hope you guys dont get too bored of me ;)


I ran a marathon August 18, 2013

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I apologize for this post being a couple months late. On June 16, 2013 I achieved my ultimate running goal and ran my first marathon. I ran the WIPRO SF marathon. I was lucky enough to have a good friend Dawn join me overnight in the city and cheer me on along the way. It was a great way to spend some time with her before she moved away. Seeing as I dont live too far from SF we took Bart the night before and went to pick up my race garb.


We used the GPS on my phone to take us to our hotel and it was only a couple miles away from the race expo so we decided to walk. My app decided to take us through the tenderloin district. It was scary and I was so glad when we reached our hotel. We had a nice dinner and turned in early as we had to get up at 4:30 in the am the next day to get to the start line in time for my 6 am start.  We ended up getting to the start line super early but it was nice being at the embarcadero before the sun came up.


I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the elite runners take off and man they are fast. I dont think i will ever be that fast. Before I knew it my corral was up. As i crossed the start line and I saw my friend at the sidelines waving to me I started to get emotional. This was what i had trained for months for. This was something i never thought i would do and I was doing it. Whether or not i would finish didnt matter. I was here and I was running in my first marathon.


I started out strong and the first 7 miles was pretty much all uphill and it was hard. I am not a hill runner and I tried to run the hills without having to walk but I ended up having to walk up one or two leading up the to golden gate. Approaching the Golden Gate was awesome. I had only been to the GG bridge once that I can remember and Ive never been across it, so to run across it and back was so cool… and beautiful.

The marathon had this program set up where your family and friends could buy a ticket for $20 and be able to catch a shuttle that would take them to certain parts of the race so that they would be there to cheer on their runner. My friend Dawn decided to do this and she was there at mile 12.5 to cheer me on. There was also an app that could be downloaded on her phone to track where I was on the route.

Mile 12 to mile 17 was at the GG park. I had never been there before and didnt know that there was something so big in the middle of the city.  Around mile 12 I started getting a cramp in my left leg. It went from my hip to my knee and it hurt but I wasnt going to stop to walk before at least mile 13.  I managed to stop for a second at the first water stop after mile 12 and stretch which helped for a bit. Mile 14 I got the same cramp in the other leg and then in both legs at the same time. I was getting discouraged and needed to stop often to stretch and walk for the rest of the race. All i could remember thinking was telling myself to run through the pain and all I had to do was cross the finish line. It took me about an hour to go 5 miles. I was tired and sore and just wanted to finish.

At mile 23 I had to keep telling myself all i had left was a 5k and I had run so many 5ks before that it was no problem! Rounding ATT park the finish line was getting closer and closer and again the emotions started coming as I crossed the finish line and saw my friend waiting for me. (thats me on the left in the yellow shirt crossing the finish line)8608_10200822339033618_608114804_n

I completed it in 4:32:56. I hoped to do it in 4 hours but knew that wasnt going to happen when my body started rebelling against me, still I am happy with my time


It was an experience I will never forget. Will i run another one? well right after I finished the marathon i said i was never going to run again let alone run another marathon, but as some time has passed I found myself applying to be an ambassador for the next SF marathon. I hope to be able to encourage others to set goals they think they cant do and prove to them that you can achieve it.



18 miles and self reflecting May 14, 2013

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I have a friend from nursing school who recently joined San Jose Fit. Its a running training program where u pay a fee and they train you for an endurance race. Her and her husband both joined and decided to go all the way and train for a marathon. They run as a group every saturday . She told me that the marathon is not her ultimate goal and that her ultimate goal is to just get healthy and lose some weight. She texts me weekly after her saturday runs to tell me how far she ran and how long it took her. I love getting these texts because I love her and I love that like me, she came to a point where she decided she wanted to get healthy. She has two kids, so i know it cant be easy but I am so proud of her.

We have had conversations about her struggles with running and being a beginner and they bring me back to when i started. I have been in her shoes. I know what its like to not think you can do it, to feel like you are going to die a half mile into your 3 mile run. I know what its like to force yourself to try not to walk when you so desperately want to walk. I know what its like to feel like you are the slowest one out there and everyone is in better shape than you. I know how it all feels… but I know how it feels to complete three half marathons and countless 5ks and 10ks improving on your time with each run. I know what it feels like when you dont get your run in for the day… antsy, grouchy, tired etc. I know what it feels like to push yourself beyond the limits you ever thought you could do. IT FEELS AMAZING!! She will get there… just dont give up.

In regards to pushing limits.. i had my own moment this weekend when I ran the farthest distance I have EVER run. I have only run 13.1 miles up to this point.  On saturday I did the mermaid sirena 18. Yes thats 18 miles. The mermaid series is a female only empowering run. They had 5k, 10k half marathon and the sirena 18. I think this was one of the best races I have ever done.


It was in fremont and started at 7:30 in the am. I got to the start line and asked a girl to take my picture. It turns out that her and another girl were also running the sirena 18 and had come on their own as well. One of them is even doing the same marathon next month that I am doing. Awesome.  I always enjoy meeting new running friends.  The three of us passed time by talking for a bit.


I started off strong and for the first 1o miles I ran about an 8:15 mile. I was feeling pretty good except for the fact that I forgot my headphones and I had no music to listen to. I got to mile 13 and 1:45 had passed. My last half marathon was 1:52 so i was happy i was ahead of my time. I still had 5 miles to go.


I hit 14 miles and thats when I also hit the mental wall. I kept thinking ” what was i thinking” and ” how am i going to be able to run 26 miles if i cant run 14.” I had to walk a lot more than i had hoped once i hit mile 14. I ran the first 13 without stopping and at 14 I let my brain talk my body into thinking I couldnt do it.

At mile 15 i kept thinking “OMG  I still have 3 miles left.” I didnt think I was going to make it. I had been running for over 2 hours and I could already tell I was dehydrated. I was going to walk the rest of the way and then I snapped myself out of it… ” its three miles.. you run that everyday. Three miles is nothing to you, dont think about the fact that you just ran 15 before this. Just run the 3,” and run it I did.  I finished the race in 2:41.


I had heard about runners “hitting the wall” but never experienced it until this race. It makes the race tougher but It makes it so much better when you finish the race in spite of your wall.


t-34 days til the Wipro SF marathon. Will I see any of you on the sidelines?


rants and runs April 14, 2013

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I was going to go on a rant here about some of the comments I have received through my weight loss journey but that will take all day and most of you wont want to read it. I will just say.. it hasnt been an easy journey and I thank everyone who has supported me and I understand those that make certain comments dont understand the journey I have taken. That is all I want to say about that topic right now.


Now onto the races and my marathon training. My first marathon is in a little over 2 months away and my training is in full swing. I ran a half marathon in santa cruz last weekend as part of my training. I must say.. it was the best scenery I have ever had while running. We ran a long the beach the entire 13 miles.


Here is some pics  of the view.



It started at the boardwalk and ended on the beach near the wharf. I found my pace early on and put my headphones on and got into my running zone. I think about everything and nothing sometimes. I focus on my breathing and my pace and just go. For those two hours that I am running I dont have to do anything else.. its my time.. my time where I dont have to worry about anything or anyone else, and to do it along the beach is even better.

I beat my last half marathon time by 5 mins. I ran the whole thing ( even the hills). They had mile pacers out there and at one point I hadnt realized I passed the 2:00 pacers until I was approaching the 1:55 mile pacers. I finished 13.1 miles in 1:52. The best part was at the end my friend Dawn and her son met me there to cheer me on.



I am still nervous about the marathon coming up in a couple months. Maybe Ill see some of you on the sidelines cheering me on. :) next weekend long run is 16 miles!

Next race : the great race in los gatos on 4/28  then an 18 miler on 5/11.


training hard March 20, 2013

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Well its been a few months since I last posted. I had nothing to report but I thought I would write about the last run I did and how my marathon training is going.

I didnt run any races in February that I can remember so that month just consisted of solo runs and runs with my run group. I was a little burnt out with running for a few weeks there and was  contemplating giving it a break for awhile because running before work was making me physically tired and waking up early to squeeze my runs in before going about my day was getting to be too much. I had to tell myself its ok to take a break for a few days and just have some me time. I did just that, i didnt run for a few days and wasnt as strict on my diet. I just hung out with family and friends and did whatever I wanted without having to worry about when I was going to squeeze my run in. It made me feel so much better and after the few days I was ready to run again. I think I just have to remind myself to take a few days off in a row from time to time in order to become a better runner.

Two weeks ago I ran the 408k for the first time. It was a fun little 5 mile race. We started in downtown san jose and ran to santana row where the finish line was. We ran through some cute little neighborhoods along the way. I have been averaging an 8:30 mile lately which is faster than I ever imagined i could do ( when I first started running I was averaging a 14 min mile, so it goes to show how far I have come ). I finished the race in less than an hour and took the shuttle bus back to the car at HP pavilion. We got cute little medals that I can add to my collection. Would i run it again next year? Probably!

At the 408k start line


Moving on to my training for my marathon. I have 13 weeks until the big day on June 16. I downloaded a marathon training schedule and have been religiously following that. Last week was my farthest run so far at 10 miles. It was not a good run as I was physically tired even before starting. I wanted to cut the run short at 8 miles but I pushed myself to keep going and I finished the run in about an hour and  half… It is just going to get farther and harder from here. I  signed up next month for the santa cruz half marathon. Its the week in my training where my long run is 14 miles  so it came at the right time. This is going to be my fourth half marathon but my first one running along the beach. Im excited for the views.  Ill of course write an update for that race after the fact as well.

See you then!


Am I a trail runner now? January 28, 2013

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I did it! I ran my first trail run.. a half marathon. It was hard and my legs are feeling it today.  I thought my run wasnt going to be as good as my last half marathon as i felt slower than the last one that I did in November. It was windy and cold and there were hills.. a few big hills and I felt slow on them. I was pleasantly surprised when i clocked in at 1:54. That was four mins faster than my previous half marathon and still an hour and 30 mins faster than my first half marathon in november of 2011.

Coyote Hills Marathon 1-25-2013-78

This is me waiting for the race to start. Do i look cold?


I had done part of this course before. Last year in january I did the coyote hills 10k so I was familar with the beginning of the race at least. We started had to basically do the 10k route twice for this race with a little de tour towards the end.. up a hill of course :). The course is beautiful. Its surrounding a wildlife refuge in the east bay.  It starts out running on wooden docks through marsh and reeds…. then goes up into the hills.. It wasn’t as painful as I thought it was going to be. I learned on this race that I can do trails and they are actually fun, so I will be running more of them i think. One other thing i learned is that I need to learn how to drink more water during the runs so that I dont get dehydrated. I do it every time and I tell myself I am going to drink more water and I never drink enough so I end up making up for it after the run and getting a headache. I will do better














Coyote Hills Marathon 1-25-2013-456










these are just some pics of me along the run.

I dont know what race is next for me but Ill let you know. Until then

Happy running



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